Orbit 2 Lesson 8 - Sink or Swim!

 Citizens of Blue, Yellow and Red work together for survival.

Lesson 8 is the last lesson of Orbit 2.  The newsflash handed out in Lesson 8 revealed another layer of complications in the situation faced by victims of the K-quake.   Tip: We read the text out loud as a whole class and took the time to ensure everyone understood.

Although the individual point of view cards are optional for Lesson 8, we found that they worked well to give each person a role in considering various angles of the dilemma each country faced.  The second assignment involves in-country discussions. Citizens synthesized everything they had learned into a proposal for moving forward.  The prompts really helped keep the assignment focused.  It was a challenging task: lots of application, synthesis and evaluation-level thinking, negotiating and reflecting - all in a second language.  Tip:  Our language assistant and I circulated to actively support and encourage students' efforts. 

Orbit 2 is the nuts and bolts of the program and it was well-worth spending a little extra time on the assignments as they really helped students move towards a more global perspective.

Snapshot of Orbit 2 lessons - English version

Chris Blizzard


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