Orbit 2 Lessons 7 & 7b - Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

 Yellowites and Reddeans find themselves in the same boat!

After the K-quake, all of Yellow and Red worked together seated on the floor at cardboard tables.

Each country prepared for the emergency conference.  The presentations were well received and many questions were asked.  Students were keen to hear how thinking had evolved among the citizens of the other countries.

The inquiry strips allowed for focussed one-on-one conversations between citizens of different countries.  Tip: To keep it Covid safe, we conducted these interactions outside.  I would do that again - Covid or not - as the interactions proved quite vibrant and noisy.  

It was challenging for the students to converse in French, but they were generally patient with each other.

Chris Blizzard

                                           Reddeans and Yellowites head for Blue

Students working on cardboard desks


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