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Expanding the Simulation - Orbit 2 Lesson 6

Orbit 2 Lesson 6 Kepla (robot) welcomes students and offers an important update.  Students read Yellow's Newsflash:  Thousands Flooding our Shores! and complete a questionnaire.  Point of View cards (POV) are handed out. Chris writes:   o By this time, the students were keen to receive the latest news flash, working together to understand and add to their glossary.   o The point of view cards worked very well, as the counsellors chose which pairs received which card, and everyone had a chance to reflect with their partner and put their point of view in writing before engaging in a discussion with others. Lots of good ideas of how to help the tide of survivors now leaving for Yellow.   o One member of Blue went on a bizarre tangent of planning a huge purchase of military equipment to help preserve Blue’s safety. After much research and discussion, his fellow citizens convinced him not to pursue spending scarce resources to inflict further suffering on others, not to mention that the

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