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Cyclists asking for more pedal space - Current Events free lesson

Dear Followers, Report cards, check lists, fun days, assemblies and Covid-19 restrictions are all winding down  - summer is here! If you've noticed that our Kepler’s STARS chronicles have hit a pause,  there’s good news! French Orbits 2 and 3 have gone very well and  the ins and outs of the adventure at École Montgomery Middle will be posted on this blog as soon as they're ready - so  do check in throughout July and August!  In September we will follow the  Kepler’s STARS program from École Banting Middle.  To end our first blog season, we’re leaving you with a lesson plan that you might use with some  summer school classes, or just tuck away until September. Throughout Kepler’s STARS we  utilize POINT OF VIEW cards as a strategy to initiate and expand discussions and we’ve  created a separate set of POV cards, for you, on the topic of  shared roads.  We hope you and your students enjoy the lesson! click here to download  Photo by Adrian Williams on Unsplash  

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