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Using MS Teams to collaborate

The previous blog - Initiating the Simulation - includes a free, collaborative writing lesson plan, Harnessing the Unknown, that was developed as an introduction to the simulation program Kepler's STARS. The lesson can easily be used on its own, and reading it will give you a better understanding of this blog and its benefits. To develop the scenario, students are divided into four groups. Each group belongs to one of four countries: Red, Yellow, Blue and Ecru. Next, students are shown a brief video of exoplanet Kepler-452b and are given a map. After some discussion on the implications of their county's location, they follow the prompts and improvise a new world. Chris explains how he managed this activity in his classroom using MS Teams. Chris Blizzard Gr. 7 French immersion teacher at École Montgomery Middle School Harnessing the Unknown lesson observation notes: Coming back from March Break, the classroom was set up with the students organized into the four countries. I t

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