Getting Started

Kepler’s STARS is a three-unit simulation program for grade 6 to 9 students that explores the emotional and economic strife experienced by those who are forced to flee when disaster strikes. 

After hearing about it and watching the simulation unfold in my colleague's classroom, I asked Chris and Marian if I could translate Kepler’s STARS into French. They agreed that it was an exciting idea. 

I just recently transported my grade 7 late French Immersion class to exoplanet Kepler-452b - following Covid protocol - along with two colleagues and their classes.

We teach at École Montgomery Middle School, Coquitlam, BC.  The following describes what we teach and the devices we have at our disposal.

Chris Blizzard - Grade 7 Late French Immersion class, 23 students (Bring Your Own Learning Device – students have laptops, SMARTBoard)

Lukman Hashmi - Grade 8 Late French Immersion class, 23 students (students have access to reservable mobile laptop cart; projector in classroom)

Analee Griffin - Grade 8 Late French Immersion class, 23 students (Bring Your Own Learning device – students have laptops; SMARTBoard in classroom)

As we move through each lesson, we’ll post updates, tips, student reactions and student work. We’re hoping that our efforts will be helpful to teachers who plan to teach the program for the first time and engaging to all those who are interested in using simulation as a teaching tool. We welcome your comments and will try to answer all of your questions.

So far, it’s working well on Teams and the kids are loving it!

This is how I arranged my classroom for the program.


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