Orbit 3 - Analyze, Evaluate and Create!

 Orbit 3 - Analyze, Evaluate and Create!

Third Orbit offers students the opportunity to give voice to their experiences, reflections and new understandings. Kepler’s STARS concludes with Keplerians finding inspiration in bold initiatives.  A sense of global connectedness is underscored.

By Orbit 3 student groups had established very strong bonds with country and each other, and some were reluctant to branch out.  But, having to choose one of the three 'Visions of Hope' worked well. Students formed 'Vision' groups and discussed how the 'Vision' they chose offered hope.  

Students design a temporary housing settlement as their last assignment. We adapted the camp planning structure from the United Nations Refugee Agency Emergency Handbook.  So that students would be better able to contemplate the needs of a family in a temporary home, we parted from the UNHCR structure plan and allotted each family a shelter on a  9m x 9m plot.   The purpose of the task is for students to consider life in a camp for 2 years or more.  After the exercise, students were able to view real temporary settlements with a more educated eye and a greater appreciation for the conditions.  

Marian Wagner 





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