Orbit 3 Lesson 9 - Moving Pieces

It's Time for a Recap 

Visions for the New World – a review of the recent past and the current state of affairs - set the tone for Orbit 3.  The telling of how citizens faced and overcame so many challenges was impressive.

The first assignment in Orbit 3 lets each country tell its own story. There are several suggestions on how to accomplish this: newscast, documentary, rap, mime... TipI gave my class the choice of formats, and everyone chose PowerPoint, but Lugman insisted his Grade 8's choose a variety of methods and their creative, dramatic presentations were more entertaining – I would do likewise next time.

Tip:  As my Grade 7s were keen but had more limited French language, I opted for the easier Assignment 1B, but provided the prompts from  Assignment 1 to give them a bit more context.

Tell Your Story Skit

Chris Blizzard


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