Initiating the Simulation - a popular lesson plan that students can use on their devices

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French Version

Teachers often use classroom simulation as an effective teaching tool to promote  critical and evaluative thinking.  Simulation and role play work well to bring a period of history to life, to explore a powerful image... and to encourage empathy for, and understanding of, those less fortunate than ourselves. Introducing the parameters of the plot is pivotal.  It needs to disarm and engage.

The simulation program, Kepler's STARS is initiated with a brief video of exoplanet Kepler-452b.  The video leads to a scaffolded, life on an exoplanet, creative writing lesson plan called 'Harnessing the Unknown' which can stand alone as a one-off lesson.  We're offering teachers the detailed lesson plan in French and English It includes: teacher instructions, a brief video (above), Kepler-452b facts, a map, prompts and a rubric.  In the next blog, Chris Blizzard details how he uses this lesson on Teams.  He offers a valuable insight on the effective use of devices for in-class, blended and virtual learning.

'Harnessing the Unknown' is a lesson all about suspending disbelief and letting the imagination roam. It's fun and easy to administer. The kids really enjoy creating the imagery of another world.

click here to download the lesson.


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