ORBIT 1 Lesson 1: History Document (French, Teams)

Chris Blizzard
I put a PDF of each country’s history document in each Teams channel plus gave each student a paper copy. In their channel’s Files I put an Excel document to serve as a collaborative glossary for students to build as they read. LFI 7 is their second year of French so there were a lot of terms to look up, but by working together the students got a lot done. Here is small segment of one country’s glossary:

Les Mots Ajouté Par

  • Méridionales Southern - Meridional - student name
  • Une caravelle - Un type de bateau - student name
  • Les Meridionales - Regions the southern regions -  student name
  • Produit laitiers - Dairy Products -  student name
  • I awarded Class Dojo points as they worked

Chris put in dojo points

The citizens chose temporary leaders as they saw fit and assigned tasks for the graphic notes activity. Once citizens were done, I had them take a photo of each illustration and caption to post to their country’s channel, so the graphic notes could be read, and commented on, by all citizens.

Citizens developed their national salutation. A video of students greeting each other  was posted to their country’s Teams channel.
Examples of graphic (cartoon) history notes.


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